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For business owners no longer satisfied with financial reports that you don't understand or know how to apply: we know your frustration.

At Patel Advisory Group, PC we work with our clients to provide a bridge between financial and non-financial data. We translate information so you can use it strategically to make YOUR business more profitable, more valuable, and most importantly, to improve your quality of life. We do this through a combination of unique methodologies, tools, and processes aimed at clarifying and simplifying information so you can make better business decisions faster and with greater confidence.

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Call or email us to schedule a free over the phone consultation. Let's hear in your own words what challenges you are facing and let's discuss your business. We are flexible around your hours, so please tell us what works best for you.

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We cater our services on how to help you today and tomorrow. We deal with your situation one on one. Experience something different.

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Our mission at Patel Advisory Group, PC is to help you build a better business so you can achieve your financial and non-financial goals.

We work with business owners and managers to identify areas in your business that are not realizing their full potential. Then we help you improve them to build a stronger, more profitable future.

Traditional accounting and compliance services provided by many CPA firms, while essential, are just the starting point. We understand there is so much more that can and should be done to help you reach your business and personal goals.

We have the tools, resources, skills and coaching knowledge to help you achieve business performance excellence and make a dramatic and positive impact on your business and your life. At Neil P. Patel, CPA PC, your success is our success.






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We look forward to hearing from you. Again, it all starts with a conversation. We are different. One phone call and you will know why. We understand your frustrations and worries. Let’s see how we can help.